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A haircut by a specialist men's stylist at Joe and Co. offers far more than a regular Barbershop. You are safe in the hands of fully qualified hair stylists trained in men's hairdressing and not just basic barbering techniques. All of this resulting in a haircut that lasts longer, grows out better and above all suits the client’s features, style and life.

With the Joe and Co. Wash, Cut and Style, a thorough consultation is always offered. Combining your wants with a stylist’s judgment, experience and their broad knowledge of hairstyles, a relaxing shampoo, conditioner and head massage then follows.

A variety of techniques will then be used including scissor over comb and clippering to ensure a high end men's haircut is the end result weather it be modern or classic in style. Suitable finishing products will also be applied and any hair styling tips or advice will be passed on.

If you are heading out after work and need a quick spruce up, but you don't quite need a haircut, booking in for just a Wash and Style is also an option.

A simple shampoo and condition, hair dry and a little product applied can be all you need to look fresh and ready for the night ahead. One grade clipper cut is also available for a more clean cut look.

There are many facial hair grooming needs a modern man has to contend with when sporting stubble is not an option. At Joe and co. we want to make these daily rituals that can often become a chore, as pleasurable as possible.

For those who like sporting some facial hair, we offer Moustache and a full selection of beard trims including a re-shape with a cutthroat razor for exceptional detailing. Alternatively for the super smooth look, experience a Traditional Wet Shave that combines pre-shave exfoliation, a close wet shave with a cut throat *razor, swathes of hot towels and a relaxing face massage finishing off with luxurious post shave products. The benefits are huge with less irritation, fewer in-grown hairs, a shave that will last for days and of course guilt free relaxation cannot be underestimated!

Joe and Co. recognises the need to offer quick and discreet technical services that can problem solve and enhance men's hair. For frizzy hair that just won't sit right no matter how good the cut, the cold Relaxing service will smooth and offer control. For clients concerned with grey hair we offer a Camouflage Grey colour service that requires a 5 min backwash application and achieves a deliberately natural look. But if you are after something subtler like a sun-lightened look, tipping will achieve it in about 30mins. We now also offer more 'fashion' led men's colour services including pre-lightening (bleaching) and toning to achieve a more striking look.

Although a haircut is recommended for an overall finished appearance, there can be times when just a quick tidy is needed. We offer a neck, back and sides tidy as well as an ear, nose and throat tidy to keep you going in between haircuts that takes less than 10 mins. Both can be combined with a Traditional Wet Shave or Wash and Style to get you looking sharp again.,

If you are suffering from Dandruff or are concerned about thinning hair, we have a selection of potent treatments to help eliminate any concerns that can be carried out at the backwash regularly for optimum results.

*We use fresh, disposable blades for hygiene purposes for every individual shave.