Walken With Style

  • Soft pompadour
  • Mod-influenced shattered crop
  • 179_Loose_slick_back.jpg
  • Lengthy flat-top

More than just an actor, Christopher Walken is undoubtedly a pop culture icon. 

Annie Hall, The Deer Hunter, Batman Returns, James Bond: A View To Kill, Pulp Fiction, Catch Me If You Can and other cinema greats, to one of the greatest music video’s of 2001 (see; Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”) - Walken’s seamlessly effortless charm, somewhat nervous disposition or psychologically intense portrayals always command attention. 

Since the actor broke out on the scene, the Oscar-winner has remained one of the most-recognisable faces in theatre, TV and film, not only for his distinctive voice, but his impeccable fashion and grooming sense too. 

Paying homage to Christopher Walken on his 73rd birthday, the team have selected some of their most-favoured hairstyles throughout the actor’s career, chosen for their timeless nature - as relevant today as they were back then. Happy Birthday Mr. Walken!

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