TOPMAN Blog Features Joe and Co. Facial Hair Tip's

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When it comes to men's hair trends, heads are not the only area to focus on, facial hair is equally as important and taking a front seat in 2017.

The TOPMAN blog was keen to enlighten it's followers if beards, stubble and even moustaches are still relevant in the men's grooming arena. They called on Joe Mills, Joe and Co. founder, to shed some light on which facial hair you should be sporting this year, how to grow it and maintain it. 

‘The ubiquity of beards mean we’ve seen a move towards a cleaner look over the last couple of years. Most guys look better with some facial hair but growing and maintaining a big beard takes a lot of effort, so having a moustache is a happy medium. It’s a great way to loose the full beard without going for a clean shave.’

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