To Wax Or Not To Wax?

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Let's be frank, from adolescence upwards, hair has been growing pretty much all over our bodies - we all have it, and with age, it sprouts thicker, more course threadlike strands in places and regions that were perhaps not as robust when we were younger. These hairs are stimulated with the dominant male androgen hormones which increase with age and therefore encourage unwanted whiskers to become more cosmetically visible with age. 

In the nose, ears and those longer stragglers nestling amongst and around the eyebrows, these 'bonus hairs' require just as much care and attention as the rest of our bodies. Fear not, there is a simple solution to tame those crazies at Joe and Co.

Supplementing your latest re-style or trim, or even as a standalone service, barbers at Joe and Co. provide easy, simple and effective hot wax treatments to reduce or remove this hair growth from as little as £10 per treatment, taking less time than it does to order an artisan flat white in a busy Soho coffee shop.

But let's not jump ahead of ourselves here, you might be asking yourself, does it matter? Should I care? Perhaps saying that you're not all too fussed, it's natural and waxing isn't for me? We hear you, however, for a modern, or even a traditional type of gent, you'll know it goes hand-in-hand to groom all overgrown areas so you can look and feeling sharper than you did before - you deserve it.

Book your appointment online, or call our reception team on 0207 734 7000 to begin the evolution from grisly to groomed.

Ear Wax £10, Nose Wax £10 or both for £18