The Yard Sale

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The team behind Joe and Co. have been busy with a new side project... Yard Sale.

5 years on we have taken over the original Joe and Co. store in Greens Court, Soho and opened a lifestyle concept store where we cut hair, with our hand picked team of barbers but with an amazing selection of vinyl for you to browse and play and a curated selection of vintage clothing to purchase.

Our vinyl collection consists of rare original albums and 12” singles and has everything from classic soul and jazz reissues to 90’s hip hop and original pressings of club classics for you to browse through and play and all are for sale.

Our vintage clothing labels include Comme des Garçon, Margiela, Prada Sport, Polo Sport, YSL, Gucci, Club Monaco and RRL and we will be curating pieces by designer or style every two weeks to keep our display fresh and allow space for the pieces to be properly appreciated.  

We also have an amazing collection of accessories, sunglasses, belts and hats for you to choose from and of course, our fabulous hair care products from Baxsters of California.

Yard Sale will be open Tuesday to Friday 10/7 and Saturday 9/6.