The Secrets of Top Barbers

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Another Soho fixture who’s been “in the game” for 35 years and counting, the founder of multi-award-winning contemporary barbershop Joe and Co. recently opened a six-month pop-up in Notting Hill, London

If you could only give one piece of hair advice, what would it be?

Maintain the cut you have. In others words, what products to use and how to style it. There’s no point in having it look great in the shop and then you can’t do anything with it once you leave.

What’s the most common concern that men express to you about their hair?

Hair thinning, going grey or not looking the same. Hair changes throughout the year and a lot of things can affect it, so you need to use the right shampoo and conditioner. Hair loss has a lot of factors, so if it’s not caused by diet, stress or a scalp condition, then you’ll have to see a specialist. Most options revolve around taking a drug to stop your hair shedding naturally. There’ve been some developments with stem cells, but it’s early days. Make sure you have a hormone and blood test yearly to check there’s nothing missing.

What’s the most common haircut that you get asked for at the moment?

Longer and softer. We’re doing a lot more scissor cuts, and a version of the mullet is back.

What’s the strangest haircut you’ve ever done?

A flat top with a long ponytail, 30 years ago. The guy wore a suit, so it didn’t look or feel quite right… Until he came in on a Saturday in leathers and denim on a Harley. So don’t always judge by first impressions.

Any other style and grooming tips?

As men get older, we sprout hair in other places... Don’t cut your eyebrows as they come back thicker and bushier: pluck the longer and odd grey hairs. I’d recommend waxing ears and noses as it looks better and lasts longer. A little painful, but worth it.

What’s the best piece of life advice you’ve ever given to a client?

If it makes you truly happy, then do it. You only have one life.

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