The Pop Culture Favourites of 2014

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The Pop Culture Favourites of 2014

If there's any reliable reference for grooming, it can most certainly be found within that which can't be avoided: pop culture. Whether it's the cinema or it's the stage, the interest in celebrity culture has never been stronger. So, we've decided to pick our highlights from 2014, showcasing the prowess of costume design, and dramatic changes celebrities have undergone for love of their craft.

Considered one of the masters of all things visual, Wes Anderson provided yet another cult classic last year with Grand Budapest Hotel,  a colourfully curated story with a phenomenal cast.  The posters promoting the film featured portraits of the ridiculously noteworthy cast, with unique grooming for each individual across all aspects, presenting the best of current short hair cuts and mid length hairstyles. Adrien Brody and Edward Norton adorned impeccable handle-bar moustaches, with Brody's character wearing an wildly untamed mid-length hairstyle above the scalp, and Norton's a uniform military side-sweep. There was grooming inspiration for all, for both the smart and the casual.

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner certainly turned heads in 2014, building upon his extreme style change from the roughly styled moptop young teen, to the rockabilly teddy boy we know him to be today. While his style is something that's been emerging since 2011, he truly became recognised in 2014 for his greased-up ducktail and quiff combination, donning bowling shirts, floppy bow ties and shawl lapel suits. Certainly a noteworthy pioneer for taking the quiff haircut all the way.

There was a number of the usual military films, and though some weren't total hits with the critics and some were nominated for lists of awards, what they did share in common was talented showcasing of slick, military style. The Monuments Men had all the staples for the military look: defined partings across grey side-swept locks and green simple khakis to match. Fury took an alternative approach with Brad Pitt's very closely shaved pompadour, where as Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game showed again the strength of the safe but classic side parting.  

2015 will be a year for sci-fi and fantasy fanatics, so we're really keen to see grooming approaches for the world of fiction - and that means Jedis, Avengers and Terminators.