The Big Debate: Walk-ins vs Bookings

  • Mens Barber Shop drop-ins - the big debate

HJI recently asked Joe for his thoughts on Barber walk-ins, here is what he had to say

The biggest benefit of walk-ins is they give you the option to fill gaps. Plus, not all clients know in advance when they want to come in...we also allow people to book an appointment for a couple of hours’ time and we text a reminder 30 minutes before the time slot. 

Barbers and men’s hairdressers lose custom by operating a walk-in only policy. It gives clients options and in the current climate that’s key. You need to be flexible with client’s demands and not everyone wants to pre-book an appointment. Personally, when it comes to loyalty, I believe that if you are delivering a first-class service, there should be no reason for clients not to return. The only time our clients may not return is if they are visiting the area, but this is also a plus as tourism means extra business.

It can be challenging not knowing in advance how the day is going to go and how many clients you are going to have. You need to make sure you have a team on the shop floor when it’s needed if you accept walk-ins. At peak times clients might have to queue so we have magazines, books, a coffee shop and digital projector to keep them entertained.

You can read the whole article and the counter argument against barber walk-ins on the website