Receptionist Q&A - Orla

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Describe your ideal Sunday? "To be honest I love a good lazy Sunday, get a coffee, go for a nice walk and some lunch and chill in the evening on the sofa."

Starter or dessert? "Starter every time! I don’t have much of sweet tooth. I’d always go savoury"

What would you find in my fridge right now? "Lots of veggies, chickpeas, houmous, lentils, pulses, falafels and lots of tofu. But definitely not as healthy as it sounds, big snack cupboard!"

What is your favourite Disney movie? "The Lion King without a doubt. It was one of the first Disney films I’ve ever seen and still watch it now."

Do you believe in ghosts? "I don’t believe in standard idea of ghosts, however I believe you can’t get rid of energy, and powerful energies can come to you in certain situations."

What is the worst haircut I’ve ever had? "Ahaha! It was when I had a hairline microfringe and a massive undercut. I thought I looked awesome.. I did not!"

What’s your favourite place to eat in Soho and why? "It’s Vantra, they do amazing homemade curries and smoothies, lots of veggies, you just feel great after eating there!"

Are you a hunter or gatherer? "Definitely a gatherer"

If you were a salad dressing what you be? "Hot sauce, an acquired taste, you love it or you don’t"

If you were a tree what would you be? "Cherry blossom, I just think it looks amazing!" 

If you could trade places with anyone living or dead who would you pick? "Lana Del Rey, I just think she’d absolutely amazing." 

What’s your favourite thing about yourself? "I’m very committed to the close people in my life."