Q&A: Senior Men's Stylist Frazer

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When and where did you first realise you wanted to be a Barber/Men’s Hairdresser? "I first realised I wanted to go into barbering when me and my friends bought ourselves some clippers to save money and just gave it a go!"

Who was your ultimate icon? "James Dean, effortless cool."

Who is the coolest you’ve ever met? "My big brother. He taught me so much about life."

If you could be featured in a magazine which one would it be and why? "Cycling Weekly, as a keen cyclist, to be featured would just be really cool."

What is the most important focus for your haircuts? The greatest influence over my cutting would have to be keeping the hair timeless and workable.

If you could invite 5 people to dinner party dead or alive who would it be and why? "Freddie Mercury - just for the entertainment. Frank Sinatra - to share my favourite drink ‘Jack Daniels’ with. Michael Jackson - My idol growing up. The Queen - to find out about her amazing life. Jeremy Corbin - Talking politics would be good to pick his brain."

What’s the best thing about being a barber/men’s hairdresser? "The chat, the banter. In my eyes the best job in the world."

Tell us about your personal Style... "My style comes from my days at the skate park. BMX meets skater!"

If you could cut a celebrity’s hair, who would it be and why? "Zayn Malik. Stylish and always changing his hair style. He is always keeping himself fresh."

Which one garment from your wardrobe could you not do without? "One of my many hats. No matter what at some point in the day a hat will be placed on my head."