Q&A: Lead Men's Stylist Jamie

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When and where did you first realise you wanted to be a barber/men’s hairdresser? "I've had a passion for men's hairdressing since I qualified as a hairstylist 6 years ago, it's only been within the last year that I've decided to put my sole focus and dedication to it."

Who is your ultimate hair icon? "It's been hard to look past David Beckham over the last decade, but the ultimate of all time for me has to be the king, Elvis."

Who is the coolest person you've ever met? "Is the Queen cool? If not, then probably Kanye West."

If you could be featured in a magazine which one would it be and why?  "Any food magazine as a critic would be fine with me - I'm a bit of a foodie!"

What has the greatest influence over your cuts? "I get a lot of inspiration from a lot of sources, whether it's social media, currents trends but ultimately it's what the client in the chair wants and what he suits."

Tell us about the best gig you've ever been to? "It has to be my first gig back in 2009, Coldplay at Wembley stadium, with Jay Z as supporting act!"

If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party dead or alive who would it be and why? "Vidal Sassoon, Mila Kunis, Elvis Presley, David Beckham and my mum ( just so she can sit next to Becks)"

What's the best thing about being a barber/men's hairdresser? "Being able to work visually and practically, and ending up with a result that can change how someone looks and feels about their hair."

Who inspired you to get into the hair industry? "My mum gave me the idea initially, after I realised that uni wasn't for me."

If you could cut any celebrities hair, who would it be and why? "It has to be David beckham, his hair is always effortlessly cool. Looking at his past haircuts he likes to try daring and new things too!"

Tell us about your personal style... "I wouldn't say I fall into a particular style bracket, but at the moment it's quite a relaxed, skater-fit look. With Vans, skinny jeans and casual shirts featuring quite a bit."

Which one garment from your wardrobe could you not do without?  "A pair of jeans are a must for me."

What's your favourite film of all time? "It's pretty cliche but The Godfather is just epic!"

Describe your ultimate day off... "I'm easily pleased, a long walk with my pug followed by a big lunch with friends and a movie evening suits me nicely."