Orlebar Brown 'OB Everyday' Featuring Joe Mills

"Everyday dressing is the clothes I feel most comfortable in. They identify me as me." Joe Mills

Orlebar Brown recently asked Joe to collaborate with them on their latest collection campaign - 'OB Every Day'.

Alongside our Founder Joe, Orlebar Brown chose three more well respected fellow modern men whom they call exceptional; Damien White Creative Director at Phillips Auction House and Niran Vinod Creative Strategist at Instagram and William (still to be revealed on September 30th) to also represent the Every Day collection… 

The campaign for 'OB Every Day' entails Joe being followed through his daily routine, from what he eats for breakfast to his favourite place to reside in London after a long day of grooming hair in the shop.

As four friends of the brand, Orlebar Brown wanted the focus to be about what everyday dressing means and how their clothes affects each of them as an industry leader and in their day to day London life.

"When you really want to know who the fashion editor's rate in the hairdressing industry, ask them who they trust when they need a trim. GQ has hailed Joe and Co. the "Best haircut in town", and even after nearly 20 years at the top of his game he has a slew of new projects in the pipeline." ORLEBAR BROWN

See Joe's full interview which reveals how he pursued a career in London and shop Joe's Orlebar Brown wardrobe.

View the OB Every Day short film below for an insight into how a day in the life of Joe goes...