Mens Hair Straightening at Joe and Co.

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Do you have an uneasy relationship with your thick, wavy, curly or just generally rebellious hair? Find yourself getting irritable with those daily attempts to sort it out using hair straighteners? Do you get fearful of certain weather conditions in case your hairstyle gets ruined? Or simply, you are just frustrated with feeling restricted in choosing a particular style by your natural hair type? If any of these sound uncomfortably familiar, fear not, Joe and Co. can help. 

Recognising the need to ensure our clients have as many options available to them, our team of talented men’s stylists now offer L’Oreal’s latest treatment, X-Tenso – a service that’ll transform your unruly, thick hair in a way that’ll result in long-lasting frizz control and a smoother, softer, straighter touch. 

Still unconvinced about straightening your curly or wavy hair? Don’t be, men’s hair straightening is a thing and it’s enabling countless numbers of guys to reduce the volume, thickness and texture of their hair for an overall sleeker look.

The treatment is carried out at our informal men’s grooming space and barbershop in Soho, requires no heat, is quick to apply and can be used on all hair types by simply applying a cream solution to smoothly direct the hair in to the preferred style. Taking 45 minutes to an hour, the X-Tenso service can then be followed by a cut with your preferred men’s stylist to create and complete your desired look for the weeks ahead.

The X-Tenso hair straightening treatments start from as little as £60 (depending on your hair length and type) and will enable you to exit our men’s salon with more manageable hair. What’s more, you’ll have more time to pursue those more important things that would have been spent on those countless attempts to style your hair before it returned to its natural state. Plus, you’ll have the confidence to hold your head higher than usual with the hairstyle you asked for.

Interested in hearing more about our X-Tenso services? Call us on 020 7734 7000 to book a consultation.