Meet the man behind Joe and Co. Joe Mills

  • The man behind Joe and Co. - Joe Mills

With a background specialising in men's hairdressing and a strong passion for men's haircutting, Joe Mills is the man behind Joe and Co. Joe's philosophy is simpleā€¦ 

"It is all about understanding shape and form, it's like architecture - the key is to listen to the client and work with what you have. Clean, classic, but with a contemporary twist."

Opening his first salon The Lounge Soho in the late nineties, Joe continued his business achievements with the co-creation of the very successful organic Children's product range Halo and Horns. He finally fulfilled his dream of opening a dedicated men's salon with a contemporary edge, which you know as Joe and Co. in 2010.

Joe has also been called upon to be a spokesperson on men's hair, fashion and culture, as well as being booked to style men's hair on magazine shoots, fashion advertising campaigns, and many events.

With more than a few years experience already behind him cutting a diverse and often high profile clientele, Joe is Soho's stylist of choice. His technique, experience and understanding of men's hair have made him a favourite with his loyal clients.

"I have a solid background in hairdressing and keen eye for detail, I listen to what the client wants and translate that into a finished product. I am very focused on hair and always willing to talk through options and ideas until I come to a joint conclusion on style with my client. I am inspired daily, sometimes by magazines, historical references, fashion culture, and often just passing someone in the street can give me a great flow of ideas. Technically I am an all rounder and happily switch between scissor and clipper work. "