Long hair: the history of men & their long locks

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We've been tracking the length of men's hair for quite some time, and with some keen and obvious observations we've noticed it's becoming more and more acceptable for dashing long locks. No longer does long hair grace exclusively the rock gods of past and present, with it now seen all over pop culture, from actors to sportsmen to the eccentric streets of Soho. Wikipedia states that "long hair is a hairstyle where the hair is allowed to grow to considerable length". While that's pretty obvious, how far back do the long locks go?

The story of Samson (according to Wikipedia - not to be confused with Samsung) tells the tale of a lion slayer empowered by his seven long locks, who went on to be betrayed by his third wife Delilah, having them cut off for a small price of 1,100 silver coins. Long hair went on to be a symbol of power and wealth throughout ancient Greece, where warriors would adopt the ponytail to keep it out of reach during battle. Fast-forwarding to AD 428, King Chlodio of the Salian Franks went on to defeat Roman forces  for over 20 years. He was known better as 'Le Chevelu', aka, 'The Long-Haired King', pioneering a beard and long hair way, way before Shoreditch discovered selvedge denim jeans and tattoos.

"Long hair is usually associated with the maverick. Your non conformist" Joe Mills says. "Arguably a creative or a think out-of-the-box kind of the guy, someone who isn't scared of the intention it brings". If we look at the intellectuals and creatives of the past there's been Beethoven, Newton, Einstein - all of which can be associated with their hairstyles as well as their long list of talents. The closer we get to modern times some of the most infamous musicians of all time can always be remembered for their hair. "Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain - they are all seriously cool and to many women, sexy as hell". Then there's the sportsmen, such as David Beckham (who's gone through almost every hairstyle possible), or potential ancestor of Samson himself, French rugby player Sebastian Chabal, who embodies the testosterone of The Terminator and Thor combined.

So how about the 2015? Is long hair acceptable? Here at Joe and Co we definitely believe so. Whether you're looking to let the curls loose like Bob Dylan, keep it mid-length and wavy like Kurt Cobain, or go for the full blown horse mane like Jared Leto, most this are good to go in the view of men's fashion and men's hairstyles for 2015. In our next part of Joe and Co's long hair profile, we'll be sharing Joe's advice on cuts, styling and recommended hair products.

"Growing your hair is a continual phase. Just cause it's long though, doesn't mean you don't need to keep it trim. Unless you're going for the homeless look".