Joe's Shares His Knowledge with Mens Health Magazine

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Men's Health magazine turned to Joe Mills for his expert advice on 'How to Never Have a Bad haircut'...

MH: What are the cuts people are asking for at the moment? "We have seen a real shift away from the short back and sides and traditional cuts. A lot of people are asking for heavy fringe crops [so short hair but with the front left longer] and guys are starting to grow their hair longer in general as well."

MH: Is this in response to David Beckham doing that? "Beckham will always be a bit of an icon but there are loads of other guys coming through. Jared Leto, Stormzy and Zayn Malik are all proving popular at the moment."

MH: Trends aside, what’s the one thing we should remember when attempting a new haircut? "You need to ask the person cutting your hair what they really think. Ask them to be honest, because this isn’t the time to beat around the bush. Will your hair actually work to this style? Will it suit your face, and more importantly, your lifestyle? If you have to blow-dry it every day for it to look good, do you have time? It never hurts to take some pictures in as a reference and make sure the barber shows you how to style it, too."

MH: Is dying your hair peroxide blonde still a thing? "It’s been around for a while... Zayn, Frank Ocean, Daniel Craig and Bieber really helped it break. It’s still requested a lot but it’s not for everyone. Bleach blonde/white is a strong look but lots of guys have been messing around with pastel shades over the summer."

MH: Give us your favourite styling product at the moment and tell us why it’s so good "Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion is great on curly or wavy hair to really define the curl and reduce any frizz, but it also works on straight hair when you want to smooth it down. You can also use it on wet or dry hair, it’s versatile."

MH: What aren't men doing to their hair that they really should be? "Use a really high quality shampoo. As well as helping to maintain the condition and shine of your hair it will get out all of the product build-up. In turn, this will help your hair and scalp to breathe again. The key is getting one specific to your hair type. Ask your hairdresser to recommend one."

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