Joe styles Martin Freeman for The Rake's International Edition

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Martin Freeman graced the cover of The Rake Magazine 'International Edition' and requested Joe's hair and grooming expertise to prepare for the cover shoot.

Martin describes his style as dandy, influenced by mod culture and Ska revival bands Madness, The Specials and mod idol Paul Weller, whose music video for his latest slow burn funk single "Pick it up" Martin stars in.

Known as part of the "mod squad" alongside Bradley Wiggins and tailor Mark Powell, just as immaculately dressed in real life as he is on print. But with all the mod tags applied to him by the press Martin is forward thinking enough to recognise and embody change by "embracing the new and embracing the now".

"Martin differentiates his style around a theme - he likes his hair classic with a preppy feel to his haircut with lots of texture. For the past 10 years styling Martin I have varied his hair from very short to quite long, working around his career needs and roles. In preparation for The Rake cover shoot I created a style that was a great mid-length look. He is always specific about his style, especially his clothes, so I always ensure his haircut fits with his current image and becomes part of his overall look." Joe Mills

You can read the full interview with Martin on The Rake website.