Joe helps to uncover how to look as good at any age as Brad Pitt does at 55

  • How to look as good at any age as Brad Pitt does at 55

Get the right haircut for your face

Brad’s current haircut is a contemporary twist on a classic look. As men get older it’s more about learning what works with your hair, face and style of dress. Our face changes, as does our hair texture, so it’s important to take all this into consideration. Brad’s cut has a lot of texture and softness added to it, which gives it an effortless bed-head look. The key is having the weight removed but keeping the length. Brad also has a slight wave to his hair and this helps with the shape and the overall look. It is a classic example of not trying too hard but getting it right.” Joe Mills, founder, Joe & Co and Mills Barbers

Use the right products and fewer of them

“When it comes to products, use a leave-in conditioner to help nourish your hair. Grey hair needs more hydration. Then, use a sea salt spray to achieve some movement and texture and finish with a grooming cream for light hold and an almost invisible look. Less is more as you get older.” Joe Mills

Don’t be afraid to recolour

“If you have a bit of grey and want to hide it then look to lighten it a little. That sun-kissed look helps to hide it, without it looking like you have dyed your hair. Make sure, therefore, that your stylist has a great understanding of colour.”Joe Mills

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