ID Magazine Feature

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Joe was recently asked to style the hair and groom the models for an ID Magazine feature...

The editorial shoot was titled "coming of age" a reference to being lost in limbo, that point in life where you are a young adult finding yourself, that awkward transitioning period of change. The struggle of wanting to be an individual yet still be part of your group of friends.

"These are the moments between a kid and growing up. Clinging on to those Friday nights drinking in the park as your mates slowly become office workers or plumbers." Luc Coffaint

The shoot location was east London down to Wandsworth roundabout. 

Joe talks us through the hair brief...

"The brief for the hair was 'undone' and whole idea was for it to look as natural as possible. No power was available for the shoot as we were styling on the go. I used Davines Sea Salt Spray and Kevin Murphy Gritty Business on the models for a matte and textured youthfully dishevelled look."

Photography - Luc Coffaint

Styling - William Barnes

Grooming - Joe Mills

Models - Louis Johnson, Patrick Dooley, George Rigby (Premier models)