How to get Harry Styles choppy new hairstyle

  • How to get Harry Styles choppy new hairstyle GQ screen grab
  • How to get Harry Styles choppy new hairstyle GQ screen grab

The former One Direction singer has gone and chopped his curly locks... and GQ asked Joe how to recreate this choppy new hairstyle...

 "Harry’s new crop is part of the movement towards textured soft cuts that we have seen popping up everywhere for the last year or so," said Mills. "It has that Nineties indie feel and with the softness and length at the back it has the feel of the mullet trend that is blowing up. It works well on thicker straight hair or if you have a slight wave to your hair. The key is the cut and the texture."

Step one

"If your hair is very thick, make sure your stylist removes the weight and keeps it soft. There are no straight lines in the cutting here. Personally, I would use a razor to softly remove the length and weight and keep that real softness. It almost looks as if it has just grown out like this, as opposed to actually being cut."

Step two

"Styles' hair is around two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half inches long and has a little length around the black and sides, but most importantly it has had some weight removed from it to give it the texture it needs to work like this. Length around the ears and nape of the neck are crucial for this look to have the balance it needs from all angles. The crown (top) cant be too long or it won’t give you the movement and texture."

Step three

"Shampoo your hair and towel dry. Blast dry your hair to get any excess moisture out but do not completely dry it. Spray three or four squirts of clay-effect spray into your hair and spread evenly through. Then use your dryer on a slow speed and low heat to dry the product into shape. Do not use a brush. Instead use your fingers: you need it to look as natural as possible. If it is flicking out at the edges then go with it. It's not meant to look forced or over-styled. For this you could just shampoo, spray in the product subtly with your fingers and leave it to dry."

Step four

"Once dry, rub your hands through it to break up the shape. Then add a fingernail-size amount of the clay and rub it into your hands until it disappears and then apply to your hair, making sure you don't just apply it to the top."

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