How to get Bradley Cooper's Eton College combover hair style

  • How to get Bradley Cooper's Eton College combover hair style

Joe has given more great advice to the lovely people at GQ... this time on how to recreate Bradley Cooper's Eton College combover hairstyle...

It's a mens haircut that needs little to no maintenance (curly haired gents, we're sorry, this one isn't for you) and Joe Mills of Joe & Co tells you exactly how you can get it.

"Bradley Cooper's new haircut harks back to the classic short back and sides, but with a twist of being a lot heavier on the top than the classic shape and style," explains Mills. "It’s still softer than the close clipper cuts and with the added weight on top allows for it to be styled softer with less structure."

Step one

"Ask your stylist for a scissored short back and sides, but ensure they leave enough hair that you can’t see the scalp. The length on top needs to be at least four inches, but ideally up to six. It needs to be blended in and the length needs to flow through the cut. This works really well on most hair types, unless you have curly hair unfortunately... but if you really want this look and have the curls, you will need to invest in a decent set of straighteners."

Step two

"The best way to maintain this is to blow dry it using a Parlux hair dryer and a Denman vent brush to get the slight height in the front and the sweep through the fringe."

Step three

"Use styling mousse (an amount the size of a small orange) on damp hair and sweep the hair back from your face with the brush and dryer. Repeat until dry. Naturally, let your hair fall and then add a small amount of matt clay (about the size of a five pence piece) to your hands and take your fingers through. What you want to achieve is enough clay in your hair to stop it looking too fluffy – less is more. This is that kind of look where you can run your hands though it and it still looks great."

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