Home Haircut - Frequently Asked Questions answered by Joe Mills

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Want to know more about our newly launched home hair service? Joe Mills introduces the concept and answers your most frequently asked questions...

Who are Shortcut and how did Joe and Co. partner with them to offer home haircuts? "Last year I was in New York on business and met up with the guys from ShortCut and we started talking about how we could work together. At the time it was something that I felt we could do with as a potential alternative to in-store hair for those that can't reach our barbershop in Soho but it was not a priority. Fast forward to 2020 and the Covid-19 outbreak really made me stop and think about what we as a business could do if or when the way we live and work changes. Discussions of home haircuts came to the forefront and clients began asking if we could offer this as a service. This propelled me to start up discussions with the guys behind Shortcut again. It really appealed to me that specifically my Joe and Co. barbers could come from a trusted source rather than a random barbers a client may not have visited. I wanted our haircuts to come a source that people new and trusted so over the last few months we have been fine ruining and training the teams so they are all up to speed with this unique way of working. The Shortcut App allows the client to have the same guys you know, coming to your home in a secure and professional way giving you a haircut you know and expect from Joe and Co."

How does the booking service work? "Firstly you click on the link on the website and it takes you to the App within a browser. You simply download it and fill out all the required info. Once that’s done, you can choose the barber and the service you require, then the date and time that suits you. The payment is requested at the time of booking to save any cash handling and for peace of mind. Then that’s it. If you wish to “chat” to the stylist before your appointment or if you want to add a service or to send them hair inspo pictures you can and we actively encourage that!"

What can the client expect from the service compared to what he would get at Joe and Co.? "Obviously this type or offering is all about convenience and helping to deliver the haircut or service you require when it suits your schedule and in the comfort of your own home. We have spent a lot of time working with the team to make it as seamless as possible and as close as the experience you would get in Joe and Co."

Will you offer all the salon services you do in the salon? "We offer all the haircut services that we offer in the Soho Barbershop. Some hair colour services will be available, but this has to be arranged via the chat section on the App so that we can tailor your visit to your requirements."

Will I get my regular stylist? "You can request any of the team shown on the App and their schedule will be live to view. If they are not showing up on the day and you would still like to book with them, you can chat with them via the App to see when they will be free."

What will the stylist bring to me? "Everything they need to carry out the haircut other than a chair! You dont need to worry about any thing else :)"

How long is the appointment? "45 mins to an hour but it will depend on the service and what you are having."

Do I need to provide anything to facilitate the haircut? "Just enough space, a basic upright chair, some light and some power!"

Where is my house will the haircut take place? Where ever you are happiest! It could be the kitchen, garden or just somewhere with an adequate light source. Close access to power is also important."

Do I need to wash my hair before the visits or will the stylist wash my hair? "Yes please. If you could have freshly washed, ideally wet hair before the barber arrives this will really help!"

How can I buy products the stylist may recommend? "We are hoping to launch a e-commerce section so you can order hair products. But if you know in advance what hair products you would like, you can message your Joe and Co. barber and they may be able to bring them along to the visit."

What Covid-19 precessions will the the stylists take? "As we do already within the salon, we take Covid-19 Secure measures very seriously. We have been operating a very structured service in the salons that adheres to strict rules and this will continue when we come to you. All our barbers will use single use towels, gowns and masks. Their equipment will be sterilised after each client, barbers will be wearing masks, visors as per the current government guidance. They also will use a hand sanitiser before they start the haircut and they will make sure everything is wiped down with an anti-bacterial spray before and after the service. We have worked really hard to make all this this as smooth and non intrusive as possible with the maximum amount of safety for you and our team."

Do I need to wear a mask in my own home? "Current guidelines require you to wear a mask during any close contact service and the barber will bring a mask with him for you." 

Can I tip my stylist? "Yes you can either via the App or in cash on the day of your haircut."

Will my stylist clean up after them selves? "Yes. All our team have a large work mat that they will lay down on the floor before they start and they will take everything away including any hair and PPE used with them."

Can I add services to what I booked when the stylist is there? "Ideally if you wish to add anything this should be done before they arrive. You can add things via the App or speak to your stylist via the App before they visit and they can add them for you."

How do I do a consultation before the visit? "You can send images, ask questions and get all the info you need from your stylist via the App then we can get an understanding of what you want before we arrive and we encourage this if you are after some thing different or a restyle."

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