Here’s how to get Brad Pitt’s unbelievably cool haircut

  • Here’s how to get Brad Pitt’s unbelievably cool haircut

Joe has written an article for the grooming team at GQ...

They say age is just a number and for Brad Pitt the old adage couldn’t ring truer. The Hollywood star has just turned 56, but his chiseled good looks are (somehow) improving with each passing year. Not to mention that hair. Seriously, have you seen how smooth and healthy his current locks are?

Here, to help you achieve Pitt's super-groomed look, we’ve enlisted the help of hairstylist Joe Mills (of Joe & Co). Prepare to go all Benjamin Button on us and look ten years younger...

Dear Hair Shrink. I think that Brad Pitt is the only man whose hair seems to get better with age. How do I get his current cut? And what are the best products for styling it to have that smooth finish? Tim, Bermondsey

Dear Tim, this is one of Brad's best cuts to date, as it looks effortlessly cool. For this one, you're going to need to grow that fade out and get some length going on. Grow the back of your hair to collar length, a good two inches over the ears and either four or five inches on top. Ask your stylist to give you a layered cut with this length around the back and sides. It's also a good idea to ask for some texture to be added so it's not too flat. The top needs to have enough length so that it sits back and falls naturally.

You are going to need to get your blow-dry right to keep this looking smooth and well styled. Ideally, you need a professional hairdryer such as Parlux or Dyson. Another essential: a vent brush, which allows the air to flow through the brush to help keep it smooth when drying.

Products are key here too. Apply a smoothing product to clean, damp hair (Kevin Murphy's Motion Lotion cream is my top recommendation). Use roughly a two-pence-piece-sized amount to your hands and smooth this through the hair. After this, using your brush, find your natural parting by brushing the top back and seeing where it falls. Then start to blow-dry and, with your brush, smooth the hair back off your face.

Make sure you also use your brush and dryer at the back and smooth that all down as well. Once it is completely dry, you then can add a small amount of Baxter Of California's Grooming Cream and smooth it through your hair. This will soften it up and give you some natural-looking hold. If you still feel like your mop is a little puffy then add a tad more. Tuck the length at the sides behind the ears and push the strands of hair back off your face. Voilà! A-list effortlessness achieved.

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