GQ Feature Joe's hair tips

  • Pringle Catwalk SS hair

GQ asked Joe for advice on how to create textured hair, as seen on the SS15 catwalk at Pringle of Scotland for their "How to get slick summer hair" feature...

What sort of hair and face shape does this work best on?

"This outgrown, textured crop works really well on almost all hair types and face shapes with the right haircut as your foundation. If you hair is fine, wavy or straight you are good to go. It is not the best on very curly hair as the curls will create a rounder overall shape but if that is what you want the haircut will need to be left a little longer all over to allow for the 'jump up' that happens when you cut shorter. All hair types will next texture adding with scissors but if your hair is fine you only need a little texturing."

What should you ask your barber for?

"Ideally this style should be finger length on the back and sides, cut with scissors throughout with only a natural hairline - nothing too sharp. The top of the hair should be up to 2 inches in length with texture added throughout the whole hair cut. When asking for texture, ask your barber/hairdresser to cut the hair taking some of the weight out and not to use the thinning scissors as this is not going to give you the best result - its a shortcut option."

How do you style it and what products do you need to maintain it?

"After washing, towel dry your hair until it is slightly damp. Spray two to three pumps of Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Beach Texturiser throughout the hair to add some texture and bulk. Using a hair dryer, Rough dry all around the head using your fingers to style your hair slightly forward with a little lift to the top. When almost dry apply a small, 2p piece sized dollop of Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade (fine hair) or Hard Cream Pomade (thick to wavy hair) into your palm, rub both palms together and distribute through the hair evenly but roughly to create texture and shine, refine the style with fingers further if needed."

"If you have curly hair do the same as above but do not use a hair dryer, simply apply Baxter's Hard Cream Pomade throughout the hair as above and style with your fingers as above. This is not the kind of look/style you need a brush for, you are aiming for something loose and unstructured with texture."

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