GQ Article - The best 'black-tie' haircuts for men by Joe Mills

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The evening suit is sorted, you've selected your best fragrance, but what about your hair?

GQ came to Joe for advice on how to style your hair and what products to use for a black tie event no matter what length hair you are working with...

Best for short hair - Chris Pine 

"It's short and sharp and looks tailored so works really well with a dinner suit, it's a clean short back and sides so it doesn't interfere with the neck on the shirt or suit."

Best for curly mid-length hair - Benedict Cumberbatch

"A classic side sweep looks right with a dickie bow."

Best for straight mid-length hair - Leonardo Dicaprio 

"This is a classic look that harks to a bygone era of style which looks bang-on with a DJ. It will never go out of style and just screams dapper."

Best for long hair - Kit Harington

"A longer length hair is really on-trend for guys right now, especially on the red carpet. For me, it makes black tie look less stuffy and gives it a cool unstructured edge."

Best for buzzed hair - David Oyelewo 

"This super sharp style sets off the shape of an evening suit."

Read the full GQ article to find out more from Joe on what to ask your barber for and how to style each of these black tie looks yourself...

GQ's Nick Carven points out that "unlike our fathers, we thankfully don't live in an age where you have to shave off your beard for an evening event but there is no harm in smartening up the stuff on top of your head." 

Now whatever length you are rocking on top you have a guide to creating refined hair at home for all your 'black tie' event needs!