Esquire Magazine 'Drug Store Cowboy' Haircut By Joe Mills

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Joe recommended 'The Drug Store Cowboy' hairstyle for Esquire Magazines feature about the hotly tipped haircuts to wear this year and talks through how to achieve and maintain it.


"You need to grow out the fade. Ideally, you need about an inch-and-a-half of length thought the back and sides of your hair so you can sweep it back and tuck it behind the ears. The top section needs to have more length, so anything from four inches and longer will work. There will be an optimum length where it sits back really well and you will know when you are there, any longer and it will flop around too much."


"Towel-dry hair before adding a few pumps of Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray (beach look) then rough dry with a hairdryer, using fingers to push back the hair. You can add a tiny dollop of wax (such as Black & White or DAX) but be warned, it can be tough to wash out!"