Bringing Back The Bowl Cut

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Inspiration can literally be sparked from anyone, any thing or place. That ignition to take an idea and run with it - whether it has restraints and limitations, or has the ability to take multiple directions, push boundaries and evolve in to something else in it’s own right – as men’s stylists, we like to reflect on what’s occurred previously to see how we take it forward in to new territories. 

Senior Stylist Matthew has taken inspiration from the bowl cut that has seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years in order to re-work the classic shape for the modern London man. 

Named as such, because it originally looked as though someone had put a bowl on the head and cut off or trimmed short all the visible hair, the simple style is going through some modern twists and variations. Applying these seemingly rudimentary methods to the cuts of today, Matthew has been working in blunt fringes with texture through the bulk, tapering off the sides tightly into a heavy weight line.  

Now, whilst some might balk at such a cut, let’s consider how very different hair types can utilise the same structure whilst also being versatile and shapely too as illustrated with these recent client shots cut by the Senior Stylist. 

What’s more, in such a creativity-rich city like London, and more so in Soho, it’s vital to ensure today’s gent is at the forefront of new-generation individuality and personal style.

Inspired by what you see or looking for something different? Check out the latest finished cuts by Matthew and our team of talented Joe and Co. Stylists.