Are you looking for Grey Hair Coverage?

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We’re all adults here, and we all appreciate and understand that as we age, grey hairs appear – it happens! For most, it often begins with a few forgettable strands however, for a lot of us, wider coverage is harder to ignore. There’s no need to panic, whether you are keen to dial back or embrace this rite of passage, our team of talented men’s hairdressers can assist. 

Silver foxes are no bad thing - in fact, one of the biggest emerging trends is for people to dye their hair grey. If you are looking to dye your hair, Joe and Co. recognises the need to offer quick and discreet technical services that can solve your problem and enhance your hair, because you don’t want people to notice any difference on a conscious level.  

Instead of mono dyes such as Just For Men, turn to products like our L’Oreal Homme hair dying treatment; it requires a 5-min backwash application that blends white hair into the rest. So if you want to tame those ‘premature’ grey hairs or embrace that inevitable silver fox status we’re on hand to provide a subtle, believable finish that’s discreet and achieves a deliberately natural look to camouflage grey hairs with your natural hair colour. If you are after something subtler like a sun-lightened look, we can help you achieve this also in as less as 30-mins.

Interested in hearing more about our Homme services? Call us on 020 7734 7000 to book a consultation, we’ll begin with a patch test 48-hours prior to ensure your hair takes to the treatment so that upon completion, you’re ready to walk out of our door into the bustling streets of London’s Soho district with confidence and pride.