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Due to COVID-19, we have closed the barbershop until further notice.

We will be posting regular updates in our Gazette and broadcasting through email and social. If you would like to be kept up-to-date please sign up to our newsletter or follow our Instagram @joeandcosoho.

We hope that you stay safe and look forward to welcoming you back into the shop soon (hopefully!)


If you would like to find out more about the Joe and the barbershop...

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Est. 2010

Men's Hair Styles

  • Barber Mens Hair Cut - Lorenzo by Jay

    Lorenzo by Jay

  • Haircut & Hairstyle by Jody at Joe and Co. The Best Barber Shop in Soho, London

    Toby by Jody

  • Men's Haircut and hairstyle by Jamie at Joe and Co. The best barber shop in Soho, London

    Tristan by Jamie

  • Haircut and Style by Jodie at Joe and Co Barbers, Soho, London

    Louis by Jody

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Price List

All services include consultation, hair wash, condition and complimentary refreshments.

  • Wash, Cut and Style  45 mins
    Lead Men's Stylist £58
    Senior Men's Stylist £53
    Men's Stylist £48
  • Express Beard Tidy  15 mins
    Maintenance only £23
    Beard Shape, Cleanse, Condition  30 mins £34
    Luxury Beard Shape, Line Out, Cleanse, Condition  45 mins £49
    Moustache Shape and Style  15 mins £15
    Traditional Wet Shave  45 mins £50
  • Grey Blending (Homme)  15 mins £32
    Frehand Lightening (Short hair only) £62
    Back To Natural (short hair only) £57
    Pre-Lightening and Toning  Full Head (short hair virgin) £124 / Full Head (mid-length virgin hair) £144 / Regrowth (less than 6w) £104
    Hair Smoothing (Cold service)  60 mins fr. £70
  • Traditional Wet Shave & Express Facial  70 mins £74
    Wash, Cut, Style & Traditional Wet Shave  90 mins £90
    Wash, Cut, Style, Traditional Wet Shave & Express Facial  115 mins £120
  • Hairline Tidy  15 mins £17
    Ear Wax  10 mins £12
    Nose Wax  10 Mins £12


Dedicated to traditional ideas of male grooming, Joe and Co. offers a full range of Barbershop services    

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