Stylist Profile: Rikke

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As the new Senior men's stylist at Joe and Co. I'm your girl if you want scissor over comb! I am danish and trained for 4 years in Denmark to hone my skills before working as a stylist in Denmark and moving to London this year. Technically I prefer to use my scissors rather than clippers to achieve most cuts, I think classic cuts are my strength with precision and clean lines. I do enjoy lots of other other styles and I love taking on the challenge of a full restyle and seeing the results of a complete change that I have produced.

I pride myself on honesty and my clients come to me for a haircut because I assess their face shape and take their personal style into consideration to create the perfect haircut to suit them - It's the first thing you notice, shows personality and style and can completely change your whole image. Although it could possibly be my Danish humour that lures my clients in of course! When you come to me for a cut I like to know if you blow dry your hair, what products you use, if you spend time styling or if you're a jump out of bed and go kind of guy?! It's important to be aware of your clients lifestyle to tailor the cut to them properly.

Working in Soho I am constantly inspired by street style, magazines, fashion blogs, and generally just being at Joe and Co. with my colleagues seeing their style and creations daily. Hands down the most popular hair cut I have recreated this year is David Beckham's, the amount of times I've been shown his photo during a consultation is proof to me of that.

My tips for guys is to invest in a shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair. You will never be able to style your hair like a stylist does or get the most out of your natural hair if you are not using the right cleanser and conditioner. I use Davines shampoos and conditioners as they specialise in products for each hair type. My favourite styling products are Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray as it gives great texture if you use before blow drying, Kevin Murphy Powder puff creates volume so easily and Baxter Cream Pomade is my go to product to finish and style hair while still allowing movement.

For 2016 I predict a softer look for men and longer hairstyles being more on trend. I think The beard is here to stay but the future is in the definition and the grooming of the shape and skin around the beard to accentuate it better and we've already got that down to a tee!

Rikke is available for appointments from Tuesday through to Saturday and to read more about her check out her Q&A...