Stylist Profile: Matthew

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I have been working in the industry for 17 years now and I have gained a wealth of experience from being surrounded with so many great but different hairdressers and identifying what I can take from their skill set and add to my own. 

Over the years I have become an all rounder, my scissor work and clipper work are on par with each other. I do tend to lean towards traditional styles and techniques as that is my training background but I add my own flair to each style. I can't say I have a favourite haircut, but I do really enjoy the process of a traditional pompadour haircut be it from a skin fade or a more subtle scissor cut and then working with the length on top and honing it into a rigid specific style. Whether my clients come in for a fade or something more classic I always put 100% into each cut, barbering has my heart! The full service is important for a client because it's not just about the haircut... My clients come to me because I put them at ease and listen carefully to their needs from their lifestyle to their professional requirements and their personal style. For me its most important to work with your hair and not against it because everyday hairstyles should be practical as well as stylish.

A great haircut is really important for a man as it identifies you, especially as so many different hairstyles have emerged in recent years. I have really loved the reemergence of period haircuts, from the 1920's harsh clippered sides and the swept back looks of the prohibition era, on to 1950's pompadours and the mod cuts of the 60's. There is no longer one specific trend - great hair is the trend and there is nothing like a fresh haircut to change your mood or perspective.

As a barber I truly appreciate a good beard, the more substantial the better! Although this year I have seen the return of the 'Mo' so it could be quite nice if next year the facial trend focus becomes the sharpness of a clean shaven face. Haircut wise for 2016 I am leaning towards long interior layers with sharp edges much like the ivy league styles made famous in the 1960's, I am already recommending this hairstyle move to my clients for next year. 

At Joe and Co. I get to work with product ranges that are versatile so I have the use of products that cater to each and every hair type and style. I use Davines shampoo and conditioner on my clients to give a thorough cleanse before cutting. The styling range I currently rely on the most is Kevin Murphy. I use Hair Resort Spray on the majority of my clients as it allows me to build structure in their hair for drying naturally or with a hairdryer, Powder Puff creates a loose rough style without any heaviness and their new styling cream Free Hold has become my favourite go to product, its so versatile and gives smoothness as well as hold for a lasting style. It's my job to teach my clients some technical ability to ensure they can style their hair at home almost as good as I do in the shop.

Matthew is available for appointments from Tuesday to Friday and every other Saturday...