Rikke Q&A

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When & where did you first realise you wanted to be a men's hair stylist? Throughout my education I have always liked styling men’s hair, and that’s why it felt natural to me to work in a Barbershop. 

Who is the coolest person you have ever met? Danish comedian Tobias Dybvad. I love his sense of humour.

If you could be featured in a magazine, which one would it be and why? Rolling stone magazine, because of the creative looks and the music features.

What's your Favourite thing to do in Soho? I haven’t been to London for that long, so I am still finding my way around in Soho!

Sum up your personality in the length of tweet? I’m social, fun and love to smile. I like a good challenge, and I definitely feel good in a creative environment.  

What has the greatest influence over your cuts? The client - and I will help them get a look that feels good and natural to them.