Q&A: Men's Stylist Alex

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When and where did you first realise you wanted to be a Baber/men’s hairdresser? "I realised I wanted to be a barber around 3 years ago. I was working in fashion and realised I wanted to do something more presentable and interactive."

Who is the coolest you’ve ever met? "A gentleman called Noel at a soup kitchen I worked with."

If you could be featured in a magazine which one would it be and why? "Mr Porter."

What has the greatest influence over your haircuts? "Believing that everyone deserves a great haircut because no one is without worth."

Tell us about the best gig you’ve ever been to? "I went to a Hozier gig before he was big in Coco in Camden. There was a small amount of people and great music."

If you could invite 5 people to dinner party dead or alive who would it be and why? "Prince, Richard Pryor, Michael Jackson, Maggie Smith and Sean Connory."

What’s the best thing about being a barber/men’s hairdresser? "The people you get to meet and the links between people you can make from the relationships you build."

Tell us about your personal Style... "My style is basic. I like excellent quality clothes that can stand the test of time, that can be worn in different environment’s and are simple.

If you could cut a celebrity’s hair, who would it be and why? "Heath Ledger – I think he was an interesting character with an interesting story."