Hayley is promoted to Joe and Co. Lead Men's Stylist

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To celebrate this achievement we asked Hailey a few probing questions so you can get to know her a little better...

When did you first realise you wanted to be a Barber ?

When I had qualified as a hairdresser, my clientele slowly changed to male so I went from there really.

Who is your ultimate hair icon ?

I do not have one, I admire anyone who can work a pair of clippers well and one who is not afraid to push the boundaries.

Who is the coolest person you have ever met ?

Kylie Minogue.

If you could be featured in a magazine, which one would it be and why ?

Dazed and Confused, or skate mag as it matches me and my style.

What's your Favourite thing to do in Soho ?

Buy trainers and clothes!

Sum up your personality in the length of tweet ?

Crazy, fun loving, outgoing, sometimes shy but loyal.

What would you say has most influence over your cuts ?

Fashion, books and old school pictures

What the best gig you have ever been to ?

I went to 02 wireless in Leeds and was in awe of Goldfrapp and Massive attack

If you could invite 5 people over for dinner, deal or alive, who would they be and why ?

Jack Nicholson, love his face and voice

Cheryl cole, nice to look at, no harm in flirting right?

Dusty springfield, so she could sing to me

Missy Eliiot, so we can krump together and body pop. I love her style and songs!